Hellow my name is Ari


today i ate and i played and i talked to Louisa                                                                           today i feel happy


today i ate and i played and i went with the flow and the flow took me to go draw animals        i feel exited 


today i ate and i played and i have some bad news for you today i FEL OF THE ZIP LINE AND HURT MY RIST but it was ok today i alsow played cook in the mud kichon out side      i feel not so good 


today i toke care of my toy hamster and i played and i ate and i talked to Tessa and i played with Tessa       i feel good 



know you have a nice day too





A Story you mite like

once opon a time there was two girls and one boy they loved eachothere but then a evil vampire and a evil skeleton and a evil war wolf and evil zombies were coming but they were running in hope to not get eaten that were running and running and they found a little house were they went to go and hide from the things that were trying to eat them they thot but they were wrong they just want to play later that night that went out and became friends    


DON’T NOW how to have a baby cus i am 8


today i ate and i drew and i talked to Louisa   I FEEL SURPRISED


today i ate and drew and talk to Louisa and i played out side   I FEEL EXITED 


today i was not here cus i was SICK that is sad rite    I FEEL HAPPY 


today i felt better and went to school and i ate and i played with Luke and Jake and i think Liam and i drew and i nit and i read    I FEEL GOOD


today i ate and i played with Luke and jake and Liam and other people and i drew and i nit and i read     I FEEL COOL