I love this school so much. I love learning Bosnian so much. My daddy,s mom and dad speck Bosnian. I am learning Bosnian so I can speeck to them in Bosnian.



1+1=2                2+2=4              4+4=8            8+8=16             16+16=32                  32+32=64                     64+64=128                              128+128=256                    256+256=512                                 512+512=1,024                        

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  1. I am so happy for you having a Bosnian teacher! I wish I learned Vietnamese when I was your age so I could speak to my Vietnamese relatives. I think this is so wonderful for you to do, then when you see your dad’s family you can talk to them. Your Bosnian teacher is really nice, it seems like this is working out really well to do at school!

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