Hi my name is Ariana. I go to Mosaic the best school for me.If you go to Mosaic you will be happy there.I lost a tooth to day.My tooth did not bleed at all.next week I plan to play with AJ.AJ is my know friend I made this week. I made bath boms. I like to keep my self moving.I like cats and dogs. this is my ferst tooth that I lost. I ate my ferst tooth . I am sad that i aet my tooth. I am lerning a lot at mosaic. I love my mommy and my daddy so much. Thay are the best.I do math and rite and read and draw. Today is the best day ever.


One thought on “HI”

  1. Congrats on losing your first tooth!! What an exciting day! You handled this so well – I know it was a little upsetting at first when you realized you swallowed it. There will be more to come though!!

    I see you learning a lot here too 🙂 I am so grateful you are here with us!

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