Friends are the best thing in your life. I have a lot of friends. thats why i am so special because i have a lot of friends. Friends are the best. Do you want to be my friend too. I love my friends. Go to Mosaic and you will be so happy there. Melissa is my friend Kate is my friend.I have a lot more. 777777777777


Hi my name is Ariana. I go to Mosaic the best school for me.If you go to Mosaic you will be happy there.I lost a tooth to day.My tooth did not bleed at week I plan to play with AJ.AJ is my know friend I made this week. I made bath boms. I like to keep my self moving.I like cats and dogs. this is my ferst tooth that I lost. I ate my ferst tooth . I am sad that i aet my tooth. I am lerning a lot at mosaic. I love my mommy and my daddy so much. Thay are the best.I do math and rite and read and draw. Today is the best day ever.


Plants and Cats

Why are trees bigger than people?

Because they have wood and they have lots of branches.

Why do trees have leaves and people don’t have leaves?

Because what would trees have if they didn’t have anything on top of them?

Why is there juice in tomatoes?

Because they have seeds in them and they’re red and there’s red juice!



Why do cats make you sneeze?

Because they have fur.

Why do cats chase mice?

Because the mice are small and the cats are hungry.

Why do cats have pointy ears?

Because dogs have different types of ears that cats and if they had the same type you wouldn’t be able to tell a dog from a cat.

Ocean 1

If a Jellyfish touches you then it stings you and it herts so bad. wen you see birds going in too the water go out of the water IMMEDIATELY because sharks come to eat fish.

I went to Costco.                           My dad works on computers.

my dads name is Armin.            My mom got the job at Imaginon.

Awesome Friend

Bike to Rita’s. Charlotte is my B.F.F. Charlotte bike’s a lot. Charlotte is my neighbor. I am going to Tessa and Andrew’s Birthday Partty at 20/16. I like cats and dogs. Mosaic is the best. I like MC. Puffins are my favorite animal. Rachael is my moms middle name. I love my mom and my dad.