The Story of DOOM By Louisa and Ari

There was a bear named Quagmire. He always got chased by hunters that don’t care about others. But Quagmire had one trick up his sleeve that he used to defeat them. but the bear ran in to girls that the names were Ari and Louisa. “Hello, lovely ladies” Quagmire said, tipping his fedora towards both of the girls. the girls looked up and saw A VERY BIG BEAR right in front of them. “Ooo, you sure look handsome and beautiful today” Said Ari, moving her hairy, voluptuous eyebrows in a circular motion. oh my you look quiet handsome you know in the bear way sed Louisa you want to kiss sead Louisa. “No” Said the bear, walking away from the two terrifying girls. the girls looked around and saw big mama in the air. “Hey big mama!” Said Ari “Shut up” Big Mama said, floating away using her fanny pack as a flotation device. then they went in the woods and saw big mama and Shmackson behind the oak tree. Shmackson was a scraggly, smelly boy who sported two giant propeller hats on each shoulder. i love you sead Shmackson. Big mama kissed his big, juicy lips. THE   END 




Today I played and i talked to Louisa and i ate


Today I played and i cooked and i talked to Louisa and i ate


Today I went to COSTCO and i ate and i talked and i laughed and i played and i did the worm and i made a story


Today I ate and i played and i talked and i went to the Library read and know i am blogging to you so ya


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